Okay you shouldn't really be on this page yet cos I haven't finished it & am working on some client work… so maybe look at the prices – email me at glennweaver@gmail.com if you wanna chat about a future project… but ignore the actual site until I've updated it sometime in August cos it's just a freaking mess right now while I mess about.

Making awesome websites easy*

*Not as in easy to make – but easy for you to have an awesome one. That made sense right? Don't all the best taglines have qualifying paragraphs underneath them?

What's your deal, guy?

I want this to be one of the easiest things you've ever done, and for you to feel like a bit of a fool for not doing it earlier.

I want your clients to be able to fall in love with you from your website alone.

I want you to have such a good website that other people feel bad about theirs (that's okay to say out loud right?)

Latest client

50% discount throughout* the NHL Playoffs

Offer Ends

I'm gonna be on the couch anyway watching like 10hrs of hockey a day so have a discount while I'm at it!

*just the deposit has to be paid by the ticking deadline – you don't have to have all your images & stuff ready yet

Totally custom site

8 pages built from scratch entirely for you

eg home, about, faq, contact, gallery, blog, pricing, ig landing page

~4 week process (depends how quick you get me images & give me feedback!)

Includes mobile customised site (tailored so it looks great on mobile instead of just a mirror of the desktop site)

60 days post-launch hand-holding & tweaks

Some stuff about me

I have enough cats (3) to officially call them a clowder.

I'm a web designer & wedding photographer living in Bristol, UK.

I'm originally from Oz though so don't be shocked by my bogan accent when we Skype.

Answer 1

Answer 2


The info gathering stage. We'll chat (Skype/Zoom or messaging – whatever you prefer) about what you like/dislike, your target client… gather your images & copy… all that stuff!


I go away into my dark design cave and bust out some handiwork with what you've given me.


Feedback & adjustment time. We'll see what options you like and if you want anything changed & I'll back and forth from said dark cave.


Go-time. Once you're good with what we've worked on I'll transfer it all over to your live site & hit that big red button.


We'll go over anything you need to know so you can be confident updating images etc in the future or adding blogs – and there's 60 days full support if you need me to look at anything / help out!

Let's build something together you can be this kind of confident in